Valerie Logsdon has almost 20 years of legal experience and 10 years experience in addressing the legal needs of elders, disabled persons, and their families. Valerie Logsdon served with Gilfix & La Poll Associates for over 5 years in Palo Alto, California.  This experience is invaluable to my clients and, as the saying goes, “I have seen it all”.

At Golden Age Law, I am devoted to the preservation of family assets and to the dignity and well-being of our clients and community. I promise to be your personal  “lawyer for life”  and address your legal planning needs.

We are here to serve you!

I’ve designed it to answer questions and provide a valuable resource for you, and family members who may want to know more regarding a wide range of subjects related to legal issues, benefits, and options available to our ever growing Elder community and their families.

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Valerie M. Logsdon

State licensed in: California

Admitted to: California Bar in 1992
Education: Graduated from Hastings College of Law, 1992

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
Gold Country Estate Planning Council
California Advocates of Nursing Home Reform